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There we were, about 6 of us, waiting outside the west door for Ian to unlock ready for ringing practice last Thursday, when a young lady approached. Being a friendly lot and quite used to having visiting ringers join us for practice, we all said hello and started the usual introductions.

“So where are you from?”        “Upper Cam”.

Interesting. Was this perhaps a new ringer just moved into the area, as we had not seen her before?

“Good, well come along in”.

Door unlocked, we all climbed the stairs to the ringing room. Robin and Hilda, who often come over from Chipping Sodbury, had already introduced themselves.

“Hello, I’m Liz, Tower Secretary, and this is Ian who is in charge”.

Ian switched off the clock chimes and unhooked the spider pulley letting the ropes down ready for ringing. At this point our visitor suddenly looked rather confused.

“Oh dear”, she said. “I seem to have gate-crashed a bellringing session. I was looking for the Lent Group”.

Quickly ascertaining that she should have been in the Parish Centre, Liz ushered her to the right venue.

Perhaps her experience of such a welcoming group will tempt her to take up ringing …

Horton ringers hosted their 4th Annual Lunch event on Sunday 12th March for approximately 70 people in the village hall. As has become the norm, the arrangements and food were excellent. These lunches are primarily for a get together and secondly for fund raising; £270 was raised which will be put towards Horton church and the Wotton Branch bell fund.

Berkeley bells are to be removed and taken to Taylors bell foundry at Loughborough for refurbishment.  The 10 bells have been out of action for a few years due to structural problems with the tower and the steel frame supporting the bells making the 4th bell unringable. Different combinations of the ringable bells have been used for wedding and Service ringing, some more melodious than others. It’s hoped that they will be back in action during November 2017.

Quarter Peals rung at St James’

On Sunday, 19 February 2017, in 45 minutes

1280 Lincolnshire S Major

1 Helen Binstead; 2 Ian Unsworth; 3 Elizabeth Byrne; 4 Jane Bull
5 Andrew Binstead; 6 Frank Byrne; 7 Andrew Bull; 8 Philip Pope (Conductor) In memory of Michael J Hobbs, bellringer at Bristol Cathedral for over 50 years                    Elizabeth and Frank Byrne

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