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Summer holidays and other events have resulted in insufficient ringers being available to ring for some Sunday Services. Hence the unexpected and unwelcome silence on some Sundays.

Our tower captain Ian Unsworth is celebrating a significant birthday in 2017 and has arranged several peal attempts to mark this event. To date, two have been successful and one lost where a peal on the delightful 12 bells at Ripon Cathedral was lost after two hours’ ringing. Several of the St James’ ringers were involved in this trip up to North Yorkshire hence one of the Sundays where there were not sufficient to ring at Dursley. As has been noted previously, peals are not successful until they have been completed and the final change rung. They can be lost at any time either through human or mechanical frailty and the loss becomes more painful the closer one gets towards the end. A long journey and two hours ringing before losing the attempt is quite painful.           

Dursley Tower Outing

By coach; pick up from Sainsburys at 08:00.

Date: Saturday 5th August

Visiting: Malvern Link; Suckley; Bromyard; Clifton-upon-Teme; Shelsley Beachamp; Ombersley                 Cost: £10,

Buffet Lunch at The Falcon Hotel Bromyard will be assumed to be required unless specifically requested not to be included. Cost £10

Book seat on the coach by contacting Elizabeth Byrne 01453 543536

Quarter Peals rung at St James’

On Sunday, 18 June 2017, In 45 minutes

1280 Cambridge Surprise Major

1 Helen Binstead; 2 Jane Bull; 3 Matthew W. Thewsey;
4 Elizabeth Byrne; 5 Andrew Ward; 6 Frank Byrne; 7 Andrew Binstead (Conductor); 8 Andrew Bull   

For Choral Evensong

(rung in very hot conditions where 3 fans were used in an attempt to keep us cool)

On Sunday, 9 July 2017, In 47 minutes

1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor

1 Anne Pope; 2 Philip Pope; 3 Jane Bull; 4 Ian Unsworth     

5 Matthew W. Thewsey; 6 Andrew Bull (Conductor)     
For Healing Service

Frank Byrne

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