Bellringers - Newsletter

St James’ bells are back in action after having their clappers taken out and re-bushed by John Taylor’s at Loughborough. They were removed on 29 August by Taylors and 4 volunteers to help carry them down the stairs. Additional work on the clappers was also done as well as fitting adjusting screws to the headstocks. These are now usually installed on new rings of bells to assist with setting up of the clappers to give an even strike time between the hand and backstroke when the bell is rung.


They were returned on 11 Sept, re-fitted and re-set again with the help of volunteers. Providing volunteer labour reduces the cost significantly. So far so good but we don’t anticipate any problems unless using the old tenor clapper, which has been machined down to make it lighter, results in unsatisfactory performance or even breakage.     

Frank Byrne

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