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Berkeley Bells

On Tuesday 7 November 11, 2017 all 10 bells rang out over Berkeley for the first time in
7 years. Structural problems with the bell tower associated with cracking of the bell frame meant that all 10 bells could not be rung during this period. An appeal for funding was launched in September 2014. The eventual cost for repair of the tower and rehanging and retuning the 10 bells was well in excess of £100,000. John Taylors of Loughborough were responsible for work on the bells, plus several volunteers to assist and reduce costs. Seventeen local ringers plus Taylors bell-hanger gathered to try the bells out for the first time on Tuesday 7 November.

Below is a picture of the brand new looking tenor bell and headstock, weight 21¾ cwt after it had been returned from Loughborough and before it was hoisted into the tower. This is expected to be the last time it sees the light of day for well over 100 years 

Quarter Peals

On Sunday, 22 October 2017 in 45 minutes

1260 Grandsire Triples

1 Sarah Bucknell; 2 Anne Pope; 3 Ian Unsworth; 4 Carole Bucknell; 5 Matthew Lorkin; 6 Philip Pope; 7 Frank Byrne (conductor);
8 Ian Bucknell

1st on 8: 1

1st Grandsire triples: 5

For G&B Peal and Quarter Peal Festival and for students

of the recent Association Training day (1 and 5)

This performance is linked to the events Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association - Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association - Peal & Quarter Peal Festival 2017 and Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association - WUE Branch 2017.

On Sunday, 5 November 2017, In 45 minutes

1250 Yorkshire S Major

1 Helen Binstead; 2 Jane Bull; 3 Elizabeth Byrne; 4 John Taylor 

5 Andrew Binstead; 6 Philip Pope; 7 Frank Byrne (conductor);
8 Andrew Bull 

For All Saints Service

Frank Byrne

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