Bellringers - Newsletter

We were all saddened to hear of Audrey Grover’s death. She and Bob have always supported ringing activities over the 40 or so years we have known them. Bob was Tower Captain for many years and we have had several memorable gatherings at their house. I well remember one New Year’s Eve when there was at least 8” of snow on the ground. There was no possibility of taking the car out, so we trudged through the snow from St Georges Close to Ganzell Lane, in bright moonlight across the field below Rednock, to be greeted by a roaring fire and feast of food at Audrey’s, before trudging back again later, stopping to ring in the New Year at the church on the way. Summer garden parties were always fun when the children were small, taking turns on the long swing hanging from the beautiful copper beech tree in their huge garden. On another occasion, the Branch held a barn dance in the barn next to their house, which housed (and still does) a huge flock of free range chickens overnight. Straw bales were put out and Audrey provided food, but unfortunately could not stay in the barn herself as she was allergic to the chickens. I will always remember Audrey for introducing us to mixing ordinary English breakfast tea with Earl Grey (about 2:1). Our love and prayers are with Bob and the family.                                                                    Liz and Frank

Quarter Peals rung at St James’

Rung on the simulator, Tenor: 11 cwt

On Wednesday, 18 September 2019

1260 Changes of Plain Bob Doubles

1 Elizabeth Byrne; 2 Ian Unsworth; 3 Lizzie Lindsell
4 Timothy Soanes; 5 Frank Byrne; 6 H. Rex Isaac 

Jointly conducted by 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

In thanksgiving for the life of Bert Gough, 1929 - 2019, by those that rang with him at the Dursley, Simulator practice which he enjoyed being part of.