Bellringers - Newsletter

We were able to ring for the Christingle, Midnight Mass and the 08:00 Christmas Day Service at St James’. The tradition of ringing in the New Year was also maintained. During this we begin with all 8 bells ringing and then dropping a bell out, one at a time, depicting the passing of the Old Year, until just the Tenor rings the 12 blows for the hour, after which all 8 bells immediately ring to signify the New Year. The idea is that the 12th blow of the tenor strikes at exactly midnight which is not easily achieved. Last year’s effort was thought to be accurate to within one second, masterminded by Anne and Philip Pope.

Quarter Peals rung at St James’

On Sunday, 15 December 2019, in 46 minutes

1280 Changes of Cambridge Surprise Major

1     Catherine White-Horne  

2     Ian Unsworth 

3     Elizabeth Byrne      

4     Ben White-Horne   

5     Andrew Binstead    

6     Andrew Ward  

7     Frank Byrne (Conductor)

8     Philip Pope     

Remembering Les. Martin, ringer at St James’ for almost 40 years, during which time he rang 209 quarter peals

On Sunday, 22 December 2019 in 46 minutes

1260 Changes of Plain Bob Triples

1     Ian Unsworth 

2     Judith Cotterell

3     Anne Pope     

4     Elizabeth Byrne      

5     Andrew Binstead    

6     Philip Pope     

7     Frank Byrne (Conductor)

8     Mike Bateman 

For Carols by Candlelight Service.

Also with best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ron Fincham, father of Anne Pope

Frank Byrne