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Dear Friends

It’s hard not to feel the stirrings of new life at this time of year, as we watch the world unfold into Spring. I love watching the progression of the flowers from the first snowdrops and crocuses through to the daffodils and bluebells and the first pale green, soft leaves of the beech trees in the woods.

I feel fortunate, as I suspect do many of you, to live in a place where we have so much of the natural world close at hand. I appreciate seeing the seasons turn so clearly; being reminded that the new life of Spring always comes after the death and dormancy of winter. Each turn of the seasons helps me to reflect on my own life and its seasons of growth, abundance, pruning, death, dormancy and new life. As humans, we too have seasons of growth and fallowness, we too are reminded that new life always follows what feels like death or being stripped bare.

The Christian festivals echo and develop the festivals of the natural cycles: Christmas, connected with the winter solstice, reminds us that light appears in the darkness - and is often born in the darkest hour of our lives and the world around us. That even when hope feels lost, that light will come again.

Easter, connected to the Spring Equinox, is about the visible signs of new life, emerging from the earth again – connecting us to the perennial wisdom that new life requires death – the letting go of things we once held, and may still hold, dear but which no longer serve us. This process of letting go and trusting that new life will follow is challenging. We often want to cling onto old ways because they are comfortable and secure – we know what the outcome will be, even if it is no longer useful – and the new is scary because it is unknown. And yet, that is the journey we are all called to go on: to keep moving into a deeper, richer, fuller version of ourselves – to develop into the fullness of our humanity.

So this Spring, and as we celebrate the season of Lent, looking towards the promise of Easter, I invite you to reflect on the following questions:

What you might need to let go of in your life to give space for something new to grow?

What signs of new life do you feel stirring in your own life? How can you help them grow?

From Rowena


Dear Friends

This month we have one birthday, Nancy Walker who celebrates her birthday on 18th March. Happy birthday Nancy and best wishes from all your friends at St Mark’s, we miss you in church. Mothering Sunday is on Sunday March 11th and Palm Sunday on Sunday March 25th and on the same day British Summer Time begins, so don’t forget to put you clocks forward. Good Friday is on March 30th and we have a Tenebrae service at 2pm which is a very powerful service with much symbolism and never fails to be meaningful and Easter Sunday is April 1st and we have 6.30pm Choral Evensong, followed by refreshments.

With love and best wishes



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