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Dear Friends

For all those of us who have to take their main holiday at the same time as the schools, August is holiday month.  One of my grandmothers lived in Cornwall and so when I was a child, most summer holidays were spent there.  My memory of that time (possibly through rose-tinted spectacles!) is that it was always sunny and we were always on the beach!  My other memory is of a very long journey from west London with my parents constantly being asked by myself and my brother, ‘are we nearly there yet?’  Parents today will be familiar with that question I’m sure!

In the life of the church, August tends to be a quiet month; the schools have broken up and there’s a break in the normal round of meetings.  This part of the Church year is known as ‘ordinary time’ and every Sunday is a Sunday after Trinity and they seem to go on for a long time!  The colour for the season is green, which is actually the colour for growth.  This is a good reminder that just because things are quieter at this time, that doesn’t mean that we stop having opportunities for growth in our faith.

FAITH is one of the 4 areas of our new diocesan vision, which is for our church communities across Gloucestershire to share the good news of Jesus Christ so that all may have life in all its fullness.  LIFE: Leadership, Imagination, Faith and Engagement, is rooted in Jesus’ saying in chapter 10 of St John’s gospel (verse 10); ‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’.  As church communities we are being encouraged to explore what each of these different areas of the vision mean in our local context and using that to set our own priorities for the next few years.

August won’t be completely without activity.  As well as our regular services, on Saturday 19th August there will be a family BBQ from 1200.  ‘Family’ means all those who are connected in some way with us at St James and St Marks.  We hope, for example, that families who come to Messy Church will join us for the BBQ on the church lawn outside St James, where we’ll also organise various Messy Church games and activities.  We hope that those of any age from our various congregations will come along.  This is a new initiative under the ‘Engagement’ area of the LIFE vision.  Do come along and invite other people – all are welcome!


The other thing that is ongoing in the life of the parish is the merger with the parish of Uley with Owlpen and Nympsfield to create a united benefice.  Following an informal consultation, we are now waiting for the Bishop of Gloucester to approve the legal scheme which will create the new benefice.  The scheme will then be sent to the Church Commissioners in London who will send it out for a formal consultation which will mean that the details are displayed for the local community to study and comment on if anyone should wish.  We hope that this process will all be finished by the autumn.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

With my prayers and best wishes,

           Canon Michael



Married in August's heat and drowse lover and friend in your chosen spouse.       

Traditional Rhyme

Dear Friends

Nancy Walker is out of hospital and is now in Henlow. We wish her well and will miss her in church, all our love and best wishes are with you Nancy. Averil Riddick celebrates her birthday on the 12th August. Happy Birthday Averil, love and best wishes from all your friends at St Mark's.

Hope everyone who is on holiday in August has good weather and a lovely break.

With love and best wishes


What Marion omitted to say is that she will be celebrating a significant birthday on 2nd August. Love and best wishes from all your friends at St Mark's.    Judith

There was great mirth at St Mark's on Sunday 9th July. I was ringing the bell, as usual, when the rope broke and I was festooned! Nigel helpfully continued to 'DONG' via the organ!

Many thanks to the ringers who found me a new serviceable replacement.     Philip


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