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Dear Friends

November in the church year always feels poignant – a season of remembering. The dictionary definition of the word remember means to ‘Have in or be able to bring to one's mind an awareness of (someone or something from the past)’.  Remembering seems to connect both the past and the present.  We recall the difficult times of war and our own experiences of pain and loss, but we also celebrate the good things that can come from this, the events and people that shape us and make us the people that we are today.

This month we are privileged to hold the All Souls service at St James when we remember those who have died and the goodbyes we have said to our own loved ones and the Remembrance Sunday services when we remember those who have served their country and God.

The first Remembrance Sunday service is the 10am Informal Eucharist leading into the Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial and the second at 3pm.  I find these services so emotionally moving.  The brass bands and uniformed organisations processing through town always take me back to my own days in the brownies, coming from ‘up North’ brass bands always make me want to cry anyway.  But there also seems to be something deeply embedded in us, that draws us together to gather as community, all ages and ranks of life, before God and to remember those who ‘gave their tomorrow for our today’ (John Maxwell Edmunds 1916).  It seems fitting to do this at this time of year when autumn turns to winter, and the trees begin to lose their leaves – reminding us of the changing seasons of life and its beauty and fragility. 

November also marks the end of the Church year as we move into Advent.  Advent gives us a space in the business of life to step back and reflect on what it means for Jesus to be born into the world. It’s a time of looking forward, of expectation and preparation to welcome the Incarnate Christ – Emmanuel – or God with us at Christmas time – but I’m getting ahead of myself – more to follow in the December magazine.

The last month has also been a time of new beginnings too.  The new Ewelme Benefice have also held the first joint PCC meeting at Dursley C of E Primary Academy.  We held our first Five Churches Walk as part of the Dursley Walking Festival.  The walkers walked from St James Dursley, to St Mark’s, along the footpaths to St Giles where hot drinks were served.  Then on to Holy Cross and that last steep pull to Nympsfield to visit St Bartholomew and where more generous hospitality and much welcomed transport back to town awaited us and our tired legs.  Thank you to Dignity and all who came to pick us up. 

It is lovely to be part of and see new relationships and team working developing in the benefice as we share together in our Diocesan LIFE Vision.

‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’ John 10:10.

With love and best wishes



Dear Friends

We have a very important date for St Mark’s on Saturday 7th December at 11am there will be a public meeting in St Mark’s Church to discuss the future of St Mark’s.  This meeting will be attended by the Archdeacon of Gloucester as well as other representatives from the Diocese of Gloucester and the meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend.  The meeting will be advertised locally, but please do mention it to anyone who would like to know about it, and encourage them to attend.

Forty years ago we struggled to keep St Mark’s open and we thrived with fund raising events and then a generous legacy from Sid Talboys and then June Beard and then over the years we were able to help out St James too. Now of course the situation has changed since we became a benefice and of course there are less and less people to do things. So there is a lot to think about and talk over.

It is important that people come along and support us.

Our Harvest service at 4pm on Sunday 13th October was a joyous occasion and well attended as we ploughed the fields and scattered. Thanks go to the choir, flower arrangers, cake and savoury makers and helpers who as always turn up trumps and support us.

With all best wishes


Diary for November 2019


Sunday 3rd                11.30am Morning Prayer (BCP)

Wednesday 6th          2.30pm Prayer Group meet in the Omega Rooms

Sunday 17th               11.30am Morning Prayer (CW), preceded by coffee in the Omega Rooms

Friday 29th                2.15pm Poetry Group meets in the Omega Rooms.


Looking ahead


Monday 2nd December             2pm and 6.30pm Wreath and decoration making

Tuesday 3rd December            2pm Wreath and decoration making (see pge 6)

                                                                            Wednesday 25th December        10.00am Family Communion

Church opening

St Mark’s church will now only be unlocked on Wednesdays and Fridays.  A notice will be put on the door directing visitors to contact numbers for those who have keys.  If you want to access the church outside these days, please contact the Parish Office.