March 2020

It seems hardly any time at all since we celebrated Christmas, Epiphany and Candlemass yet, as I write, we are already heading for Lent when our music will be of a more subdued nature giving the choir chance to explore a rich variety of repertoire. Indeed a nonconformist friend recently said how much he envied the Anglican lectionary as it made sure that the whole spectrum of the church's year was mapped out, unlike the style of worship which just reflects the wishes of the person taking the service. So our motets and mass settings will be of a more reflective nature which should lead to an outburst of great (musical and spiritual) joy on Easter Day.

However, before then we will have had the usual Palm Sunday “Come and Sing”, which will be Mozart's “Requiem” (see poster for further details). This is a truly epic work, but, according to the scholars, is somewhat flawed as Mozart died without completing the work, and his pupil Sussmayer came to his rescue. As it turned out the Requiem was Mozart's last work literally written on his death bed before his dying at the age of thirty-five. Yes of course, with a little probing, it's possible to detect which bits Sussmayer completed from Mozart's sketches, and it is unlikely that Mozart would have repeated  the music of the opening chorus at the end, but the work is a powerful piece of writing. Full of anguish and passion it is the ideal work to lead us into the drama of Holy Week.

It is good to report that we have some new voices in the choir, Pat Maine (soprano), Glenn Duff (tenor) and Michael Lunt (bass). We are pleased to welcome them to St James' choir and hope that they enjoy our musical trip through the church's year.                                      Nigel Davies

Music for March

 1st   am   Wash me Throughly – Wesley Missa L'Ora Passa – Viadana

 8th   am   Informal Worship

15th  am   Ave Verum – Mathias     Missa Brevis – Lotti

22nd am   Informal Worship

29th  am   God so Loved the World – Stainer      Kyrie – Byrd, Modal Mass – Shaw